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Welcome to the pages of the research group "Numerical Mathematics"  at the University of Rostock. Numerical mathematics is a rapidly developing branch of applied mathematics and deals with the approximate solution of analytical problems. For this purpose, solution methods are developed and their accuracy, efficiency and stability are analyzed. Together with the computer, numerical mathematics is a central link between mathematics and its fields of application in natural sciences and technology.

In Rostock, we are particularly concerned with problems of numerical linear algebra as well as approximation and optimization. Research areas are nonnegative matrix factorization problems and their solution sets for the analysis of high-dimensional data sets (from chemical spectroscopy), convergence analysis of fast solution methods for eigenvalue problems of partial differential operators, and modeling and simulation of technical systems.

We cooperate with numerous partners in the natural and engineering sciences as well as in industry. This opens up a broad spectrum of possible topics for students' theses. Their contents range from fundamental analyses to algorithmic work. We keep in touch with many of our graduates who have quickly found a career in the automobile industry, finance, the energy industry, education administration or at universities.

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Prof. Dr. Klaus Neymeyr
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Conference 2023

From 20 to 22 September 2023, the Numerical Mathematics group organizes the conference "Topics in Chemometrics" 2023 in Rostock

  • Topics include ASCA / ANOVA, data preprocessing, hyperspectral imaging, MCR/SMCR methods, multivariate calibration, rotational ambiguity and rank deficiency
  • the conference in Gordon format offers plenty of time for discussion
  • the previous TIC conferences were in Szeged (Hungary) in 2019 and Newcastle (Australia) in 2017