Jan Hellwig

Contact Details

University of Rostock
Mathematical Institute
Ulmenstrasse 69
18057 Rostock

Haus 3, Office No. 332
Tel.: +49 381 - 498 - 6594


Research Interests

  • Time series of NMR-data
  • Indirect Hard Modeling
  • Peak Detection in spectral data
  • Using AI to do all of the above more quickly


Model-based signal tracking in the quantitative analysis of time series of NMR spectra,
D. Meinhardt, H. Schröder, J. Hellwig et al., J.  Magn. Reson. 339, 107212  (2022).

On the uniqueness of continuous and discrete hard models of NMR-spectra
J. Hellwig, K. Neymeyr, Submitted 2024